Seattle WTO 1999

The Social Network Dedicated to Seattle Activism


This is a place for you to come together in order to pursue the goal of a better quality of life for us all in The Emerald City. We ask that you leave your ideologies or political party affiliations at the door, in the interest of creating a common ground where we can set aside our differences and solve the problems we all face. We hope that by empowering those focused on specific issues through a diversity of information in other areas, we’ll all benefit.

Activists primarily working on ways to oppose the #TPP for example, can get out the word to other activists who might be primarily dedicated to stopping #POLICEABUSE.

House Rules:

  • WE ASK that everyone here refrain from using political/ideological labels such as liberal, conservative etc. If your argument cannot be made without referring to people simply as Seattleites (or people), then it doesn’t belong here. Our goal is radical inclusion and radical tolerance.
  • CREATE new groups for efforts that you think are important efforts that have the potential to create new and successful models for our city.  To do this, go here.
  • CRITICISE actions, not people. For example the term ‘oligarchy’ refers to the existing power structure and governance we live under and is fair game.
  • PRESENT solutions that we can enact as a community (particularly those that don’t require elected officials), in the Group Forums or by posting a PDF. Other activists can give you immediate feedback and rally support by inviting their connections to check it out.
  • PROMOTE activism events and actions you think other Seattle Activists should participate in. Anyone can create an event using the dashboard you’ll see in the upper left once you’ve registered.

Getting Started

The groups are the core of what goes on here. Find a topical group that interests you and join in the discussion. You can post events, make statements in the forum, upload PDF files and invite other users to join in.

Our Promise

Your registration info will only be used to enable your participation in discussions and never under any circumstances will your profile info be shared with anyone or otherwise monetized.