Welcome, Seattle Activists!

This is a place for Seattleites to come together in order to pursue the goal of a better quality of life for us all as a city. This is not a place to promote ideologies or political parties, but rather a hub where activists working on specific issues can get out the word about those efforts, informing other activists who may be dedicated to a different issue.

The Rules:

  • DO NOT use polarizing labels such as liberal, conservative etc. If your argument cannot be made without referring to people simply as Seattleites, then it doesn’t belong here.
  • CREATE new groups for efforts that you think are important efforts that have the potential to create new and successful models for our city.  To do this, go here.
  • CRITICISE actions, not people. For example the term ‘oligarchy’ refers to the existing power structure and governance we live under and is fair game.
  • PROPOSE solutions that we can enact as a community (particularly those that don’t require elected officials), right in the Group Forums.
  • PROMOTE activism events and actions you think other Seattle Activists should participate in.

Getting Started

Groups are listed in the left column, or using the menu button if you’re viewing this on a smartphone. Simply login (or register) and jump into the discussion!

Our Promise

Your registration info will only be used to enable your participation in discussions and never under any circumstances will your personal info be shared, monetized or otherwise used for profit.